Homeless Families in Washington State. A study of Families Helped by Shelters and Their Use of Welfare and Social Services

Dec 2001 |
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This study was conducted by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services to provide state policy makers and program executives with basic information about homeless families relying on shelters throughout the state. This report relies on a one-night rolling census of all shelters, including private shelters, that serve families in Washington State (from late June through late September 2000); interviews with one parent from each of 411 families using those shelters; interviews with 70 shelter providers and 27 local welfare office administrators and staff members; and DSHS administrative records of welfare eligibility and actual grant and Food Stamps issuances for most of the 411 interviewed families. Living arrangements during this homeless period and before, sources of money and access to welfare benefits, work and participation in Work First, drug and alcohol use, mental health, domestic violence, and family services are all identified.

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