Characteristics of Housing Assistance Recipients from Three Public Housing Authorities

Apr 2014 |
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A profile of DSHS clients served by the Seattle, King County and Tacoma Housing Authorities, CY 2011

In this report, we examine three basic questions about housing assistance recipients from the three public housing authorities (PHAs), Seattle, King County and Tacoma: To what extent do DSHS and PHAs serve the same individuals? What are the characteristics and service use profiles of jointly served PHA-DSHS clients? To what extent do PHA clients differ from other DSHS clients? We find that almost all (96 percent) of PHA clients in Calendar Year 2011 were DSHS clients at some point; 84 percent received a DSHS service that same year. Medical coverage and Basic Food were the most common DSHS services received by PHA recipients. Compared to DSHS clients who did not receive public housing assistance: PHA recipients were more likely to be older, female and African American; receive Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Basic Food; and have a physical or behavioral health condition, particularly among working age adults. The report was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and received support from the Seattle, King County and Tacoma Housing Authorities.

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