Homeless and Unstably Housed K-12 Students in Washington State

Jan 2015 |
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Who are they and how are they faring?

This report leverages integrated administrative data to describe the characteristics and needs of homeless and unstably housed K-12 students relative to students in more stable housing situations. Focusing on children and youth who have received services from the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), we provide a comprehensive view of students’ housing status and associated measures of risk and well-being. In AY 2011/12, there were 19,207 students in Washington State who experienced homelessness, narrowly defined. Compared to their peers, homeless students and those staying temporarily with friends or family were at greater risk on a number of measures. Opportunities exist to better connect homeless students and those at risk of homelessness to services that could help them succeed in school and beyond.

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