The ECLIPSE Program at Childhaven

Feb 2017 |
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Short-Term Outcomes for Children Receiving Early Childhood Intervention and Prevention Services

This report analyzes the impact of the Early Childhood Intervention Prevention Services (ECLIPSE) program administered by the Department of Early Learning. ECLIPSE serves children ages zero to 5 years old who are at risk of child abuse and neglect and may be experiencing behavioral health issues due to exposure to complex trauma. We found that ECLIPSE served a population of very high risk young children with intensive service needs. ECLIPSE participation led to increased service utilization, most notably in the use of outpatient mental health services for children. In light of the very high risk population served, increased service utilization may indicate that children were having their pre-existing needs met after beginning to receive services at Childhaven. Further study is needed to both understand the longer-term impacts of Childhaven given the short-term impacts on service utilization found in this report, and to determine the extent to which such services are needed statewide.

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