Home Visiting Services for TANF Families with Young Children

Mar 2017 |
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Baseline Characteristics and Early Experiences

This descriptive report examines the TANF Home Visiting program, a collaborative project of the DSHS Economic Services Administration Community Services Division (CSD), the Department of Early Learning (DEL), and Thrive Washington. The report describes demographics and baseline information about parents who enrolled in TANF Home Visiting and describes the early experiences of parents while enrolled in the program. TANF Home Visiting enrolled parents of young children who faced barriers to employment, including homelessness and behavioral health issues. During their first three months in the program, participating families experienced low rates of out-of-home placement for their children and high rates of engagement in WorkFirst activities. Further study will be needed to determine the long-term impacts of the program on WorkFirst progression, positive exits from TANF, and child welfare involvement.

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