Expanding Eligibility for the Family Caregiver Support Program in SFY 2012

Apr 2014 |
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The Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP) serves Washingtonians who provide uncompensated care for a parent, spouse, or another adult with medical issues, mobility limitations, or decreased cognitive functioning. In this report, we examine how the expansion of FCSP in SFY 2012 affected the utilization of Medicaid long-term care services. Due to the FCSP expansion, caregivers screened in SFY 2012 were more likely to receive a full assessment and a broader range of support services than those screened in prior years. Results show that care receivers whose caregivers were screened post-expansion were slower to transition to Medicaid long-term care services, controlling for differences in baseline characteristics; the FCSP expansion is likely a contributing factor to this positive outcome.

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