Findings from the WMIP Client Surveys

Jan 2007 |
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The Washington Medicaid Integration Partnership is a voluntary managed care pilot project in Snohomish County designed to improve care for disabled or aged Medicaid clients by coordinating services that were formerly provided through separate treatment systems. Molina Healthcare of Washington began providing care for clients in January 2005. The benefit package includes medical care, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, and long-term care services. This report provides findings from consumer satisfaction surveys of WMIP enrollees and clients who received services through regular Medicaid systems of care. The disenrollee survey indicates most clients left the program because they lost Medicaid eligibility (41 percent) or left the county (12 percent). About one in three (37 percent) actively chose to disenroll. Of those who chose to disenroll, most reported problems with access to providers (39 percent) or dissatisfaction with prescription drug coverage (35 percent). Dissatisfaction with drug coverage may reflect difficulty in adjusting to a formulary and prior authorization requirements in managed care.

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