Licensed Child Care in Washington State: 1996

Apr 1998 |
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Based on a telephone interview of 2,723 child care providers, this report reviews Washington State's licensed child care market in 1996. The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services subsidized care for about 37,000 children in each month during 1996. These children are from low-income families with parents who are working, going to school, homeless, or in some other DSHS programs. The report finds that rates for licensed child care centers averaged $417 per month in 1996, while rates at licensed child care family homes averaged $381. In total, 99,499 children were enrolled in licensed centers at the time of the survey and 52 percent of children in centers received full-time care. Pay for teachers at centers averaged $7.17 per hour and pay for aides averaged $6.07 per hour, with rates varying by geographical areas and the age of the child.

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