No Wrong Door e-Room Evaluation

Nov 2003 |
Online Library

This report evaluates the impact of web-based group collaboration application software chosen to pilot a centralized data information repository for DSHS field offices. The particular application tested, eRoom, was installed in the Puyallup Valley Community Services Office and the Yakima Children's Administration/Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration site. Client data, status and case notes from multiple divisions were entered into the eRoom system. Many of the features of eRoom, such as discussion groups, calendaring and voting, were not used during the pilot. Staff did not find these features particularly useful, as they preferred to use the more familiar e-mail system to provide these functions. After using the eRoom software for a few clients staffing participants at the Yakima pilot site determined that the software was a duplication of effort and did not provide enough benefit to justify the added workload. Only a little over half the Puyallup staff said they would recommend continuing to use eRoom under the current configuration. However, a number of those who said "no" said they would want to continue using it, if all program areas and staff on the teams participated equally in its use.

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