Time Study Plan, School Based Medicaid Administrative Match Program Washington State

Oct 2003 |
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The purpose of this time study is to measure, quarterly, the amount of time spent by school staff on Medicaid reimbursable activities. A modified Random Moment Sampling (RMS) design is proposed, where both staff and time are randomly sampled, and the frequency of certain activities is measured. Staff samples provide time estimates based on 5% error and 95%confidence, with a conservative margin. This RMS design makes conservative assumptions and aims to satisfy desired levels of statistical validity. Since Medicaid reimbursable activities represent a very small proportion of most school staff time – about 1-4 % of the total work day, purely random time moments would capture inapplicable activities 96-99% of the time. Surveying staff at any random moment concerning their activities would be quite distracting for most respondents (while teachers are teaching, counselors are counseling, etc.) and a very inefficient way of collecting such information.

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