Washington State Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Cost Offset Pilot Project

Dec 2001 |
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2001 Progress Report

In this paper, differences in medical costs were examined for recipients of Supplemental Security Income who received chemical dependency treatment compared to those who appeared to need such treatment but did not get it. Average monthly medical costs, including estimated CD treatment expenses, were $540 lower per person among SSI recipients who received treatment than medical costs alone for those who needed treatment but did not get it. Over a 12-month period, this would result in a difference of $6,480 per person. The greatest differences in medical and treatment costs between the treated and untreated SSI recipients were found among older recipients ($931 for persons 45 years and over), those who were not arrested for drug- or alcohol-related offenses ($739), and those who were eligible for Medicaid but not Medicare ($704).

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