Basics of Providing Care

Caregiver Support is a Phone Call Away

Talk to caring people for practical caregiving information and help finding local resources/services.

Contact your local Family Caregiver Support Program.

There are a variety of different tasks you may be helping with.

Physical and occupational therapists, home health aides, and nurses can teach you techniques that will make your job easier and make sure that you and the person you are helping aren’t injured.  Talk with your doctor about this.

It is always important to find out how the disease will impact care.  Learn more.

Caregiver Guides

The following are all booklets that include step-by-step instructions on the basics of providing care.

Additional Resources

  • Growing Up and Growing Old, Caring For Our Parents, a video produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting with Oregon Senior and Disabled Services. To order go to or call 503/977-7792.
  • Lotsa Helping Hands – “What can I do to help?” Create a free web site to help organize family and friends who want to help.

Websites on Caregiving

Helpful Gadgets or Assistive Devices

You will also want to know if there are any gadgets or assistive devices that can help the person remain as independent as possible. 

The following websites cover the different types of assistive technology and how to find them.

  • National Public Website on Assistive Technology