Financial Conflicts of Interest

In accordance with 42 Code of Federal Regulations Part 50 (42 CFR 50) Subpart F45 Code of Federal Regulations Part 94 (45 CFR 94), investigators and any other research staff (including consultants and students) who have responsibilities related to the design, conduct, or reporting of U.S. Public Health Service-funded research are required to adhere to their institution’s financial conflicts of interest policy, including taking related training, disclosing significant financial interests and managing conflicts of interest. For all investigators and other research staff, all potential conflicts of interest—financial or non-financial—must be reported to the WSIRB using Appendix N.

The DSHS Administrative Policy 12.07 is the DSHS institutional policy on financial conflicts of interest. 

DSHS Staff Only

DSHS employees or agents conducting U.S. Public Health Service-funded research are subject to DSHS Administrative Policy 12.07, which implements the federal laws above. 

Anyone may request the names of DSHS investigators or other DSHS staff for whom a financial conflicts of interest has been determined. Contact the DSHS Conflict of Interest Official.


Failure to comply with the federal regulations may result in the imposition by the U.S. Public Health Service of a range of sanctions and penalties, including but not limited to suspending funds or terminating a grant, contract or cooperative agreement, or withholding further awards to the noncomplying awardee institution or funding recipient. Federal regulatory procedures that pertain to suspension and termination are specified in 45 CFR parts 74.61 and 74.62, and in part 92.43. For other information and FAQs provided by PHS, visit the NIH FAQ web site.