Employment Monitoring Reports for BHO Clients

Jun 2016 | |
Online Library

Here you will find reports on employment outcomes for consumers receiving community outpatient mental health services funded through DSHS Behavioral Health Administration, Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery. Outcome measures include employment rates, wages, hours worked and total earnings. Detail is provided by client characteristics for each Behavioral Health Organization (BHO).

The monitoring reports allow comparisons across state regions and over time. Factors that may affect employment outcome trends include:

  • Differences in service delivery across BHOs
  • Variation in local economic conditions, which may present greater employment challenges in some BHOs than in others
  • Changes in mental health funding levels
  • Changes in the state economy, which will in turn affect the overall potential for finding work

Washington State’s Delivery Model for Community Outpatient Care.Mental health services in Washington State are administered by Behavioral Health Organization (BHOs). These networks contract with licensed community mental health providers to supply mental health services. BHOs coordinate crisis response, community support, residential, and resource management services. Funding is provided from the state to the local BHOs for consumers who are Medicaid eligible through capitated Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans. Limited services are available to those who are non-Medicaid eligible as general state funds allow. In areas where there is no BHO, the department issues and manages fee-for-services contracts with local providers.