TAKE CHARGE, Interim Evaluation

Mar 2005 |
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This interim evaluation report describes the first three years of implementation for Washington State's TAKE CHARGE program, which began July 2001 and expands Medicaid coverage for family planning services to men and women with family incomes at or below 200% of the federal poverty level. Data sources include client surveys; Medicaid claims data and eligibility history, and birth certificates from the First Steps Database. Authors find that as of October 2004, TAKE CHARGE providers offered services in 194 clinics throughout the state, enrolling more than 230,000 clients in the first three years of the demonstration. Further, concepts of client-centered education, counseling, and risk reduction are beginning to diffuse throughout the state and establish a new standard of care for family planning practice. The program is helping younger, unmarried women avoid unintended pregnancy. Early results indicate a greater increase in the proportion of female clients who use more effective family planning methods at sites with intensive follow-up services compared to control sites.

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