What Do RDA Customers Want?

Jan 2005 |
Online Library

DSHS' Division of Research and Data Analysis Division conducted this survey in 2005 to find out how RDA could improve. The response rate to this web-based survey was 78%. The survey found that RDA customers appreciate the quality of RDA information, staff and customer service. Eight in ten agreed that they were, overall, satisfied with RDA services. Nine in ten agreed that RDA staff were helpful and easy to work with, listen to their needs and have the expertise needed. Nine in ten agreed that RDA information is credible and accurate. Nine in ten DSHS customers said that RDA information is unbiased. Seven in ten non-DSHS customers agreed. Between eight and nine in ten agreed that needed information is provided. What needs improvement? Customers had difficulty finding needed information on the RDA website and knowing how to get RDA help. RDA services were viewed as slow and information not available as soon as it is needed. RDA services are also costly and require FTEs, which are barriers to RDA use. Geographic analyses and maps have been particularly problematic.

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