Transition to Adulthood: Foster Youth at 19

Jun 2015 |
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An Analysis of the 2013 National Youth in Transition Database Survey for Washington State

This report follows-up on an earlier National Youth in Transition Database survey of 19-year-old youth transitioning from foster care in Washington. Authors examine outcomes related to education, employment, and measures of stability among 370 youth who participated in the survey (88 percent of those eligible). We found 78 percent of respondents are no longer in foster care. Many youth report participating in education (53 percent), employment (30 percent), and job training (18 percent). Nine in ten youth have established close, supportive relationships with adults. The biggest reported challenge is housing instability, which was identified for 30 to 52 percent of respondents (depending on the question asked). Reported utilization of the behavioral health support system has dropped precipitously since two years ago, when the youth were 17 years of age and in foster care.

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