2021 Caregiver Survey Report

Jun 2022 |
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Between August 2020 and August 2021, DSHS surveyed 1,345 caregivers (601 foster and 744 kinship) who had a child in care within six months of the sampling date (August and November, 2020; February and May, 2021). These caregivers were asked about their satisfaction with support, licensing, training, and information provided by the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) and private agencies contracted by the Department. They were also asked to offer recommendations for change.

Satisfaction with support, training, and licensing services remained high in 2021. Among kinship caregivers, there was a statistically significant increase in positive responses for being treated like part of the team and no decreases for any question. Among foster caregivers, positive responses increased in some areas and decreased in others, though none of the changes were significant. Notably, the previously reported decline in satisfaction with social worker listening did not continue. Differences between groups were small, but kinship caregivers were generally more satisfied than foster caregivers, a different pattern of responses from 2020, when foster caregivers were more positive than kinship caregivers in several areas.

Written comments identified areas for improvement, including timelier information‐sharing, more inclusion, additional resources, and more effective processes. Caregivers appreciated training that was trauma-informed and continued to highlight the need for a variety of trainings and multiple ways to access them.

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