2022 Caregiver Survey Report

May 2023 |
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Between September 2021 and September 2022, DSHS surveyed 1,342 caregivers (710 foster and 632 kinship) who had a child in care within six months of the sampling date (August and November, 2021; February and May, 2022). These caregivers were asked about their satisfaction with support, staff, access and process, information, licensing, and training provided by the Department of Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF) and private agencies contracted by the Department. They were also asked to offer recommendations for change.

Satisfaction with support, staff, access and process, information, training, and licensing remained high in 2022, with a majority of caregivers giving positive responses to all structured items. There were significant differences between foster and kinship caregivers on two items: more foster caregivers said they were able to get help when they ask for it, and more kinship caregivers said they had adequate information about the child in their care. There were also three significant changes since 2021: more foster caregivers said they were included in meetings, and fewer kinship caregivers said that they were treated as part of the team and that caseworkers listened to their input.

Written comments identified several areas for improvement, including more consistent communication, stable staffing, respectful and inclusive treatment, additional resources, and more effective processes. Caregivers appreciated training that was trauma-informed and child-centered and continued to highlight the need for a variety of trainings and multiple ways to access them.

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