2018 Foster Parent Survey: DCYF Foster Parents Speak

Jan 2019 |
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This report describes the results of the 2018 DCYF Foster Parent Survey, which was previously conducted annually by the DSHS Children’s Administration. From September 2017 through August 2018, DSHS surveyed 1,349 foster parents about their satisfaction with the support and training provided by DCYF (Children’s Administration through June 2018) and private agencies. Relative to 2017, more foster parents said they get adequate support, can get help when they ask for it, find that social workers listen to their input, are treated as part of the team, and get adequate information about the needs of children placed with them. Responses about the quality of training continue to be very positive – 87% agreed that their training was somewhat adequate or more than adequate. Written comments show that there are still some areas where many desire improvement, including information sharing, inclusiveness, reimbursements, and efficient processes. Foster parents continue to emphasize that participation of experienced foster parents and the ability to interact with one another add value to training.

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