Welcome to the 2023 DSHS Photography Contest!

Please join the fun, express your creativity, and share some of your favorite photos with a wider audience!

The DSHS Photo Contest is held in conjunction with the Employee Engagement Survey, with entries accepted every odd year from:

  • Current DSHS employees
  • Former DSHS employees
  • Family members of current or former DSHS employees
  • DSHS clients
  • Family members of DSHS clients
  • Others whose photos help to tell "the DSHS story"

Photo categories include:

  • DSHS in Action
  • DSHS Employees & Family
  • DSHS Values
  • Artistic Merit
  • Technical Merit 
  • Photographer's Choice
  • DSHS Secretary's Choice

Contact us with questions or comments at:  888.793.2567 (toll-free), 360.902.8260, DSHS_Photos@dshs.wa.gov