Office of Communications

What We Do

The Office of Communications is responsible for all internal and external communications for the Washington Department of Social and Health Services. This includes media relations, visual communications and the Victim/Witness Notification Program. 

Contact Us: (360) 902-7829

Media Relations         
Victim/Witness Notification
Adolfo Capestany
Senior Director, Office of Communications
(360) 902-8007
Mindy Chambers
Financial Services Administration
Services and Enterprise Support Administration
(360) 902-0265
Lisa Copeland
Developmental Disabilities Administration
(360) 902-7844
Kelly Stowe
Behavioral Health Administration
Economic Services Administration
(360) 902-7739
Norah West
Children's Administration
(360) 902-7833
Chris Wright
Aging and Long-Term Support Administration
Rehabilitation Administration
(360) 902-8338
Lisa Copeland
Program Administrator
(360) 902-7844
Visual Communications
Norah West
(360) 902-7833
Mae Pensula
Production Manager
(360) 902-7840
Web Services
Brad Smith
(360) 902-7835