Background Checks - IP HCS/AAA: Non-DDD

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Background Check Central Unit Website

Definition of Individual Provider RCW 74.39A.240

List of Disqualifying Convictions and Pending Charges WAC 388-113-0020

Other relevant RCWs and WACs

RCW 43.20A.710, 43.43.832; 43.43.842; 74.39A.056

Individual Providers (IPs)

Acronyms or other definitions

  • BAF- Background Check Authorization form
  • BCCU- Background Check Central Unit
  • CC&S- Character Competence and Suitability Review
  • Department means Home and Community Services (HCS)/Area Agency on Aging (AAA)/Home Care Referral Registry (HCRR)


IPs are required to pass a Washington State background check before contracting and an FBI fingerprint background check within 120-days of hire. IPs must also complete the Washington State background check at least every two years as well as the state and fingerprint check at any other time the department requests.

Start the background check process

If a current client/consumer of in-home Medicaid personal care services has requested you as his or her caregiver, that consumer should contact his/her case manager at the local Home and Community Services (HCS)  or local AAA office to obtain information about the process of getting you hired, beginning with the completion of your background check.

Once you have made this contact you will need to:

Provide the department with your date of birth;

Obtain a brochure from the department about the background check process which includes:

  • Information about background check requirements
  • Instructions for accessing and completing the online Background Check Authorization Form (BAF)
  • An email address for you to enter into the online system to automatically send your confirmation code the department

Access the online Background Check Authorization form (BAF)

At the instruction of HCS or AAA staff, complete the online BAF at

For IPs who cannot access the online BAF or need the BAF in another language they may complete a paper BAF. The IP will complete and sign the paper form and give it back to the department to enter the IPs information into the BCS.

Obtain your Confirmation Code

After you complete the online BAF, but before you close the system, you will receive a confirmation code. WRITE THIS CODE DOWN! You may also save/print the confirmation code, email it to the requesting entity, and email it to yourself. These options will be presented to you in the online system before you exit.

Provide your Confirmation Code to the requesting entity by: phone, email, or in person. This is the only way the entity can retrieve your completed form to submit it to BCCU. You cannot obtain your Confirmation Code after you exit.

Get your results

After the department has submitted your BAF to BCCU and received your results, you will receive a copy of your name and date of birth or interim fingerprint check results from the department. You may also receive a copy of your results from BCCU. KEEP THESE RESULTS IN A SAFE PLACE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.

Review your results and verify the information is correct.

If you believe any information is incorrect, contact BCCU at (360) 902-0299 or the agency that reported the information directly.

  • WA State Patrol (360)534-2000
  • Department of Corrections (360)725-8888
  • Department of Health (360)236-4700
  • WA Courts- Contact the court that made the decision.

Sometimes you will be able to provide written information to BCCU via an affidavit to clarify a self-disclosure or to send information from the courts or another entity to clarify or correct results. BCCU fax is: (360) 902-7954.

If BCCU receives updated or corrected information, they may issue a corrected or updated Result Letter. That result letter will be sent to the entity within the department who submitted your background check.

The department may also call you to discuss your results or to get more information from you. 

The department will review your results and determine if you can have unsupervised access to vulnerable adults. They will notify you of the decision and let you know when you may begin to work.

Sharing results with the client

The department may share the results of the name and date of birth check (WA State check) with the client.

Fingerprint information

After completing the WA State check, the department will determine if you are able to move forward with the fingerprinting process and will provide you with the fingerprint appointment and fingerprint notification forms.

Make a fingerprint appointment RIGHT AWAY. The department may assist in making this appointment for you. Bring your fingerprint appointment form and your picture ID to the nearest IdentoGO site for fingerprinting.

You have the option of using law enforcement to complete fingerprints instead of using DSHS's contractor IdentoGO. Instructions on Submitting Fingerprint Hard Cards to BCCU. There may be a cost associated with this option.

Once your fingerprints have been taken they are sent to the Washington State Patrol and the FBI. The department will receive a copy of the results when the process is completed.

Your fingerprint results MUST be received by the department within 120-days of hire- no exceptions. If they are not, you will not be able to work past that 120-day deadline.

Determine from the department if you can begin work with a 120-day provisional hire pending the fingerprint results.

Fingerprint Rejects

The Washington State Patrol (WSP) may reject fingerprints for a number of reasons. They will notify BCCU and the department when they reject prints and you will be notified of the rejection.

If your prints are rejected, schedule an appointment for reprinting at IdentoGO RIGHT AWAY.

Note: WSP may reject fingerprints multiple times before they determine that they have the best prints they can get.

IPs who received two consecutive fingerprint rejects within 60-days should:

  • Immediately contact IdentoGO and schedule a third appointment.
  • Contact BCCU to request that a supervisor from IdentoGO be present at your third scheduled appointment. This communication to BCCU may also be made by the department.
  • Contact BCCU to provide the new appointment date and time. BCCU will contact IdentoGO’ s Regional Supervisor to request a supervisor be present at the re-printing appointment in order to help obtain the best prints possible

Once prints are accepted by the WSP, they will submit the best fingerprints to the FBI.

The FBI may reject fingerprints two times before they decide that they can only do a national name and date of birth check.

It is the IP’s responsibility is to get reprints done as soon as possible in all instances. If the fingerprint result is not back by the 120th day, the IP cannot have unsupervised contact/work with vulnerable adults and will have to stop working until passing results are received by the department.

Obtain a copy of your fingerprint results from the department and follow the steps from Get Your Results, above.


You are required to complete a new Name and Date of Birth check at least every two years. You will use the same process of contacting the department and then completing the online background check authorization form.