Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  Beginning 7/1/2012, DSHS must approve all instructors and curriculum for CE. You must have at least one DSHS approved CE instructor even if you will be using DSHS approved online CEs. Any CE that is not taught by a DSHS approved instructor with DSHS approved materials is invalid after 7/1/2012. 

The business that sponsors the event must send in information to DSHS and get the conference, or seminar approved as a CE.  More information for business sponsors can be found in the CE - Curriculum Developer section of this site.

See a list of current conferences or seminars that have been approved for use as CE.

Send all CE curriculum to DSHS for approval.  The instructions for what to do and submit are included in the new CE Approval form.  This form cannot be submitted alone.  It must be submitted with a training program application, training program update form or a curriculum developer - CE application depending on your situation.

DSHS has to be notified of and approve all instructors of CE. You must have at least one DSHS approved CE instructor even if you will be using DSHS approved online CEs. This is done through the training program application or training program update form.  These forms have a CE instructor attestation where you confirm that instructors meet the required CE instructor qualifications.

Once DSHS approves a CE, it is assigned a unique DSHS CE approval code.  This code is given to the curriculum developer/training program/conference sponsor that submitted the CE for approval.  It is the responsibility of the curriculum developer/training program/conference sponsor to ensure that the DSHS CE approval code is on the training certificate or transcript given to the worker that documents the CE is completed.

Without a DSHS CE approval code on the certificate or transcript, the CE cannot be used to meet the 12 hour CE requirement after 7/1/2012 except in the following case.

There are special cases where the hours taken from some required LTC worker courses can be applied towards CE.  When this is possible, the original course certificate serves as the required written documentation that the CE is approved by DSHS.  In these cases only, there will be no DSHS CE approval code required.   Learn more about when and how  LTC worker courses can be used as CE.  

Yes.  There is a list of:

You cannot teach any CE curriculum without being a DSHS approved training program or a DSHS approved instructor of CE.

The options are the same as they are for most long term care worker courses.  Apply to DSHS to become a DSHS approved training program (or send in an update form if already approved) to offer CE or send staff to DSHS approved community instructors teaching CE. 

Individual Providers get their training from the SEIU Training Partnership. To sign up for training, call the Member Resource Center toll free at 1-866-371-3200 or visit