A Community Partnership

There are many ‘causes’ of vulnerable adult abuse, from a caregiver relative who is unaware that resources are available in a community, to the person who preys on vulnerable adults for their money.

Vulnerable adult abuse will remain hidden unless YOU, as a neighbor, church member, shopper in a grocery store, mail carrier, grocery clerk, bank teller, health care professional, law enforcement employee, or social services worker — COMMUNITY MEMBER -- partner in preventing its occurrence.

How Can You Help Prevent Vulnerable Adult Abuse?

  • Learn the signs and symptoms of vulnerable adult abuse, abandonment, neglect, self-neglect, and financial exploitation.
  • GET INVOLVED. Talk to the vulnerable adult you suspect is being abused. Sometimes just providing a listening ear opens opportunities of assistance.
  • As a caregiver or relative, if you feel overwhelmed and out of control, get help. The vulnerable adult may be eligible for in-home services, which will help the vulnerable adult and provide you respite.
  • Know whether you are a mandatory reporter.
  • Report abuse immediately.

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