Consumer Directed Employer for Clients

Washington's Consumer Directed Employer

Consumer Direct of Washington (CDWA) is Washington’s Consumer Directed Employer (CDE). As the CDE, CDWA is part of the Home Care Workers Purpose Trust. The trust promotes good working conditions, economic security for workers, and worker voice and influence in the home care industry.


What does the CDWA do?

As the CDE for Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), CDWA employs the state’s 46,000 Individual Providers (IPs) who provide in-home personal care and respite services

What Stays the Same for Clients? What Changes for Clients?
  • Clients will remain as managing employer and can select, schedule, manage, supervise and dismiss their IPs.
  • Client service amounts will continue to be determined through the CARE assessment.
  • Client Responsibility, when applicable, will be determined as it always has.
  • Clients will work with existing Case Managers.
  • Carina database will remain for Clients to search for new or additional IPs.
  • Clients will be responsible to have a back-up plan for back up caregivers, as needed.
  • CDWA will work with Clients to assign assessed hours between multiple IPs, as needed, and review work week limits and overtime utilization.
  • Clients will pay Client Responsibility, when applicable, directly to CDWA instead of their IP.
  • Clients will contact CDWA for IP-related questions and concerns.




How-To Videos


Finding an IP

Are you looking for an Individual Provider to provide personal care or respite services? Visit Carina and register for a free account

Consumer Care Network Washington has multiple in-person hiring support sessions going on now. To register for this free support session visit the Consumer Direct of Washington website to schedule your time now.