Information on Individual Providers


If you are or were an Individual Provider (IP) who provided personal care to clients whose paid care hours were reduced by DSHS because of the “shared benefit” rules, you could receive a payment from a class action settlement. Learn more...


Individual Providers

Individual providers, or IPs, are people who provide in-home caregiving to another person, a client, who is eligible for Medicaid in-home care services. IPs must take training and get certified. They are employed by the Consumer Direct Care Network of Washington. Sometimes they are friends or family members of the client.


Resources for Clients

Are you interested in finding in-home care? Find out about the long-term services and supports that are available in a client’s home.


Learning More about Individual Providers

Are you looking for resources regarding caregiving?  Find out who to contact to find local services for older adults and adults with disabilities.

You can also find caregiver resources such as support services and information.

Interested in the training your IP will receive?

If you would like more information on how to help a friend or loved one get paid for caregiving becoming a paid caregiver.


Finding an Individual Provider

Video: How to Hire the Right Individual Provider

The AARP also provides information on how to hire a caregiver.

You can hire an individual provider directly through the Consumer Direct Care of Washington.


Working with an Individual Provider

Video: Supervising Your Caregiver

Consumer Direct Care Network of Washington has a question-and-answer section for Individual Providers.


Resources For Caregivers

Do you provide care to a family member or friend? Find out who to contact to find local services for older adults and adults with disabilities.

If you are interested in getting paid to care for a friend or loved one, learn more about becoming a paid caregiver.

You can also find caregiver resources such as support services and information.


Are you receiving care in a residential setting?

While individual providers provide care in a person’s home, many people choose to live and receive care in residential facilities.

Residential Care Services is responsible for the licensing and oversight of adult family homes, assisted living facilities, nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities, and certified community residential services and supports.  Its mission is to promote and protect the rights, security and wellbeing of individuals living in these licensed or certified residential settings.