Create a Positive Vision

You can expect your “senior” years to amount to one-fourth of your lifetime. That’s a lot of years!  What type of future are you going to create for yourself?

Many of us are unwilling to even think about aging and have a negative picture of loneliness, loss, and physical decline.  We are surrounded with a youth oriented culture.  We don’t want our body or life to change.

There are many examples of adults living full, healthy, active, and meaningful lives – in fact, the majority do.  These elders point to experiencing a sense of freedom, a thirst for meaning, and a deeper capacity for inner growth.

A researcher recently looked at similarities among the attitudes of people older than 100.  She found that they all stayed actively engaged with life, were able to cope with loss, and had a sense of humor and hope.

We create what we envision.  Visualizing and planning for a positive future has helped millions of adults have the motivation, strength, and vision to create meaningful, enriching senior years.

You most likely already know where your stumbling blocks are in these areas.  Learn from others who have done it well. Commit to making one small step and take some action for your future today.   

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