Long-Term Care Planning

Why Plan Ahead

You have most likely heard about the huge rise in the numbers of people who will become seniors in the coming years. This is uncharted territory for our seniors and their families, the workplace, and the current long term care support system.

We will all need to work together to find new and innovative ways to make sure that all seniors have the information and support needed to live full and independent lives for as long as possible in the coming years.

Benefits of Planning

We do know that adults who plan in advance for their future have the best chance of ensuring their continued independence and well being.

Planning ahead for your future gives you more:

  • Time to think through, clarify, and communicate your goals and needs.
  • Control of your choices and options.
  • Chance of protecting your financial security.
  • Peace of mind.

Planning ahead reduces the risk of:

  • Miscommunication and misunderstanding with your loved ones about your wishes and plans for the future.
  • Putting a financial or emotional burden on your family.

Take the Next Step

Today, there are several steps adults of any age can take to continue to maintain choice and control of the lifestyle they have worked for during their lifetimes.