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Social Justice Series

Anti-Oppression Leadership: It's Time to be a Sentipensante Steward

Based on L. Rendon's pedagogic wisdom on inner creativity in the educational setting, it is time to transform the meaning of leadership by becoming a sentipensante (sensing/thinking) steward. That means developing a deepened understanding of holistic - (wholeness) centered equity and justice to help build liberatory relationships with communities.

This workshop will help you begin to understand how inner work is necessary to create authentic anti-oppression atmospheres at work and in social settings. For more information, visit

Guest Speaker: Mx. Ashanti Monts-Tréviska

Mx. Ashanti Monts-Tréviska as a current Ph.D student. Ashanti M-T explores ways to transform the meaning of leadership through their anti-oppression work at Cascadia Deaf Nation based on their personal journey of doing transformative inner work.

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Image Description: Ashanti, a person of Afro-Cuban background with short curly hair, maroon sweater, Tibetan dark terracotta scarf, black glasses, and gold hoop earrings, standing in front of earth toned bricks. Ashanti is facing the camera and smiling.

When: Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Where: Virtual - Zoom Link provided with registration *Registration required

Registration and Access Requests
Contact: Di Cinney
360-388-6024 VP

Please submit Access Requests by November 3, 2020

This workshop will be presented in American Sign Language.

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