Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition therapy includes assessment of nutritional status, evaluation of nutritional needs, and interventions or counseling to achieve optimal outcomes. Nutrition counseling, as a component of nutrition therapy, is the provision of individualized advice and guidance to individuals, who are at nutritional risk because of their health or nutritional history, dietary intake, medications use or chronic illnesses, about options and methods for improving their nutritional status, working with the individual's physician as appropriate. 
If provided by the nutrition program, nutrition therapy or counseling must be provided by an RD or ICE (see Section VIIB. Staffing). The service includes:

  1. Assessing present food habits, eating practices and related factors.
  2. Developing a written plan for appropriate nutrition intervention.
  3. Assisting the individual to implement the written plan.
  4. Planning follow-up care and evaluating achievement of objectives.