Location of Congregate Nutrition Services

Congregate nutrition sites must be located where there are major concentrations or high proportions of the target group of older persons. They must be located close to, and preferably within walking distance of, areas where members of the target group reside. Examples of appropriate congregate nutrition site locations are community centers in low-income areas, subsidized housing complexes, senior centers, schools, adult day services, and religious facilities. Congregate nutrition sites located in communities where there are significant numbers of minorities should make special efforts to serve these minorities.

In order to provide CNS at an adult day care or adult day health service, the service provider must be contracted to provide CNS in accordance with these SNP Standards. Meals served at the adult day care or health service that can be paid for through the CNS must meet the following criteria:

  1. the individual served the meal is eligible for CNS according to Section IIIA, and
    1. attending the adult day care or health service for the purpose of receiving congregate nutrition services rather than adult day care or health services, or
    2. the cost of the adult day services for the individual is covered by a source other than COPES, Medicaid, SCSA or Respite or any other means-tested program, and OAA funds are allocated specifically for meals for these individuals; and
  2. the individual is given the opportunity to donate toward the cost of the meal.