Congregate Nutrition Services

  1. Congregate Nutrition Services
    Any individual aged 60 and over is eligible for CNS, however, services should be targeted to individuals aged 60 and over who are unable to prepare meals for themselves because of:
    1. A disabling condition, such as limited physical mobility, cognitive or psychological impairment, sight impairment, or
    2. Lack of knowledge or skills to select and prepare nourishing and well balanced meals, or
    3. Lack of means to obtain or prepare nourishing meals, or
    4. Lack of incentive to prepare and eat a meal alone.

    Other individuals who are eligible for a meal are:

    1. The primary participant’s spouse, regardless of age;
    2. Individuals with disabilities who are not older individuals but who reside in housing facilities occupied primarily by older individuals at which congregate nutrition services are provided;
    3. Individuals with disabilities, regardless of age, who reside at home with and accompany older eligible individuals to the congregate site;
    4. Individuals, regardless of age, providing volunteer services during the meal hours;
    5. An eligible participant’s unpaid caregiver aged 18-59 whose meal is paid for through Title IIIE Family Caregiver Support Program or other funds.

    To the degree feasible, the provider shall ensure that preference is given to those individuals aged 60 and over who meet the vulnerability criteria in Section IIIB3, with further preference given to low-income and minority individuals and to those with the greatest economic and social need. 
    In accordance with the AAA or service provider policy and the funding available, the following individuals may be served a congregate meal once the needs of the eligible population have been met:

    1. Staff of the nutrition program;
    2. Anyone who pays the full cost of the meal.

    Waiting list policies shall be developed by the AAA and CNS provider in consultation with eligible participants.