Jail Technical Assistance Resources

General Informational Resources:


General Medication Management in Correctional Settings:

This resource guide covers best practices for prescribing in correctional settings. Topics covered include health care concerns related to medication, evidence-based prescribing practices for specific diagnoses, segregated housing, continuity of care, treatment over objection, and medication non-adherence to name a few.


Screening and Assessment:


Suicide Prevention and Risk Management:

A checklist of structural design of strategies intended to create suicide-resistant housing.

A list of principles for suicide prevention and essential components of suicide prevention programs in correctional facilities. Which includes guidance on everything from intake into the facility to effective use of language and optimal mindset.

Useful information about suicide prevention protocols that covers the topics of staff training, identification/referral/evaluation, communication, housing, levels of observation/management, intervention, reporting, and follow-up/mortality-morbidity review.


Substance Use Treatment and Management:


Transition Planning and Continuity of Care: