Trueblood Programs

Trueblood program information and contacts

Lead Name (Agency), Title Element Email Phone Number
Dr. Thomas Kinlen (DSHS), Director of the Office of Forensic Mental Health Services Forensic Evaluators (360) 725-1388

Aleesia Morales (HCA), Outpatient Competency Restoration Administrator

Outpatient Competency Restoration

(360) 725-1552

Solomon Wyatt (DSHS), Forensic Navigator Program Administrator

Forensic Navigators (360) 529-6027
Susan Copeland (DSHS), Director of Residential Treatment Facilities Ramp Down of RTFs (360) 742-8134
Michael Donovan (HCA), Medical Program Specialist 3 Crisis enhancements, Spokane crisis beds and Mobile Crisis Response (360) 643-7936
Michael Donovan (HCA), FHARPS Program Manager FHARPS and Crisis Vouchers (360) 643-7936

Steve Perry (HCA), Medical Program Specialist 3

Crisis Gap Analysis

(360) 725-9557

Craig Jacobson (HCA), Medical Program Specialist 3

FPATH (360) 725-9546
Bob Graham (CJTC), Program Manager – CIT Statewide

Crisis Intervention Training

(206) 835-7302

(206) 786-4401

Tim Hunter (DSHS), Workforce Development Administrator

Jail Technical Assistance and Workforce Development

(360) 7790-7983

Kate Ireland (HCA), Medical Program Specialist 3

Enhanced Peer Support

More information about peer support (360) 725-0952

Competency restoration step-down pilot;;

(360) 725-1552 (360) 742-8134 (360) 529-6027