Trueblood Programs

Trueblood Program Information

Lead Name (Agency), Title Element Email Phone Number
Dr. Thomas Kinlen (DSHS), Director of the Office of Forensic Mental Health Services Forensic Evaluators (360) 725-1388

Aleesia Morales (HCA), Outpatient Competency Restoration Administrator

Outpatient Competency Restoration

(360) 725-1552

Solomon Wyatt (DSHS), Forensic Navigator Program Administrator

Forensic Navigators (360) 529-6027
Susan Copeland (DSHS), Director of Residential Treatment Facilities Ramp Down of RTFs (360) 742-8134
Michael Donovan (HCA), Medical Program Specialist 3 Crisis enhancements, Spokane crisis beds and Mobile Crisis Response (360) 643-7936
Michael Donovan (HCA), FHARPS Program Manager FHARPS and Crisis Vouchers (360) 643-7936

Steve Perry (HCA), Medical Program Specialist 3

Crisis Gap Analysis

(360) 725-9557

Craig Jacobson (HCA), Medical Program Specialist 3

FPATH (360) 725-9546
Bob Graham (CJTC), Program Manager – CIT Statewide

Crisis Intervention Training


(206) 835-7302

(206) 786-4401

Tim Hunter (DSHS), Workforce Development Administrator

Jail Technical Assistance and Workforce Development

(360) 7790-7983

Kate Ireland (HCA), Medical Program Specialist 3

Enhanced Peer Support

More information about peer support (360) 725-0952

Competency restoration step-down pilot;;

(360) 725-1552 (360) 742-8134 (360) 529-6027