The Effect of Dispensing One-Year Supply of Oral Contraceptive Pills- Findings from Washington State

Nov 2018 |
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Findings from Washington State

THE HEALTH CARE AUTHORITY (HCA) of Washington State changed the policy for oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) supply in 2014 by requiring the dispensing of one-year packages for Medicaid recipients (under Section 213, Chapter 4, Laws of 2013, 2nd Special Session). The program goals are to achieve savings by reducing unintended pregnancies that result in Apple Health (Medicaid) funded births. This report presents findings on dispensing patterns for OCPs to Medicaid women, estimates the averted births associated with the policy change and cost savings due to averted births as a result of dispensing one-year supply of OCPs. Dispensing at least a one-year supply was associated with a significant reduction (12%) in Medicaid funded births. The state saved $1.5 million, an average of $226 per client, on maternity and infant care services due to averted births compared with those who were dispensed an initial one-month supply during 2014.

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