Family Planning in Washington State Community Services Offices: Challenges and Strategies

Aug 1999 |
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The reduction of unintended pregnancy is a public health goal at both the state and national levels because substantial social consequences and costs are associated with unintended pregnancies. In Washington, during 1993-1994, approximately 69% of all births to poor women who received cash assistance and Medicaid were unintended at the time of conception. Because of the important role that providing increased access to family planning services can play in assisting low income people to achieve self-sufficiency. Washington mandates family planning assistance for clients in all Community Service Offices (CSOs) (RCW 74.12.400). The implementation of WorkFirst (Washington's public assistance-to-work program) in July 1997 brought about an explicit goal of zero additional births for women WorkFirst and Required family planning referral is a component of orientation training for all Temporary Assistance to Needy Families clients.

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