Intensive Case Management within a Supportive Housing Facility

Oct 2008 |
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Preliminary Findings from the King County Pilot

The Intensive Case Management (ICM) Pilot Program aims to improve outcomes for individuals with co-occurring chemical dependency and mental health conditions. This report provides a preliminary examination of the impact of the ICM pilot program in King County, where it is nested within a supportive housing unit. The housing facility provides a range of services and support to individuals who were targeted for participation due to their high utilization of crisis services (such as, emergency departments, detoxification centers, and jails). The King County pilot has been in operation since late fall of 2005. We examine the impact of ICM on Medicaid-reimbursed medical expenses, risk of arrest, and likelihood of engagement in alcohol or other drug (AOD) treatment in the year following the initial service encounter. We limit the analysis to individuals who met with a state-funded ICM case manager, but we cannot isolate the effect of ICM from what we assume are the more substantial effects of providing housing and on-site services.

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