2023-2025 Strategic Plan Guide

A graphic of diverse DSHS staff. Text reads Our Future Transformed. A visual roadmap to the future of DSHS services in 2023-2025.

Welcome to our 2023-2025 DSHS strategic plan guide!

In this web section, you will find the priorities and actions plans we have set as we look ahead to the years 2023 through 2025. Use the menu on the left to read the digital eBooks and the specific details, goals and action steps from each administration.

For our active strategic plan for the years 2021-2023, please find more information here

Across our agency, we are focused on these priorities for our future of services:


We are building more power of choice for elders and people with disabilities. 

Read more about Aging & Long-Term Support Administration's future goals here.

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We are building 21st Century care closer to home for people and families receiving behavioral health services.  

Read more about Behavioral Health Administration's future goals here.


We are supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in living closer to home with case management, medical care and caregiver support to live independently.  

Read more about Developmental Disabilities Administration's future goals here.

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We are creating a world of inclusive work and career partnerships for people with disabilities. 

Read more about Division of Vocational Rehabilitation's future goals here.


We are centering economic services around people, where they live and how they want to engage with critical services. 

Read more about Economic Services Administrations's future goals here.

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We are modernizing office spaces, buildings, data, emergency management and more to increase our agency's effectiveness.

Read more about Facilities, Finance and Analytics Administrations's future goals here.


We are aligning headquarters services to support programs across silos, as one DSHS, with modern tools for equity, IT, HR, and many critical supports.

Read more about The Office of the Secretary's future goals here.

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