Forms and Records Management Services

Most DSHS forms are available to download and complete on your computer.  Some of these forms cannot be printed because of program requirements and you must download them for use.

Because of high use, some DSHS forms are stocked in the Fulfillment Center.  Please see the instructions for ordering stocked forms below.

Ordering printed DSHS forms

Some DSHS forms are available as printed forms.  The following information is required to order any DSHS form. Please note that telephone orders CANNOT be accepted.

  • Complete office name, mail stop, and street address (no post office boxes);
  • Name and telephone number of the requester;
  • Name and telephone number of the person receiving the order, if different from the requester;
  • Form number and title; and
  • EXACT number of forms you need. Do not order pads or packages. If you request pads or packages, it may delay your order.
  • Attach a sample of each form if you are ordering from FRMS.  If you do not provide a sample, your order may be delayed until a sample is provided.
  • Mail your order to:  FRMS, PO BOX 45805, OLYMPIA WA  98504-5805.

Ordering (X) or stocked forms

Stocked forms are stored at the Fulfillment Center. To order a stocked form, you must order on-line through the Department of Enterprise Services' Fulfillment Center.  Here are instructions for ordering forms from the Fulfillment Center.

You must use the on-line ordering process to order stored forms.

  • Ordering on-line provides you with a confirmation notice for your records. Forms ordered on-line from MyFulfillment are processed within two days.
  • Also, please use your mail stops when ordering forms through MyFulfillment. If you do not use your mail stop, there are additional and costly delivery charges.

If you have questions regarding the timeliness of your order or if you need help ordering through MyFulFillment, contact the Department of Enterprise Services at (360) 570-5555 to transfer to the Fulfillment Center.