Index of Significant Decisions

The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 42.56.070(5)(b) directs the Department of Social and Health Services to establish and implement an indexing system for identification and location of final orders issued in adjudicative proceedings containing an analysis or decision of substantial importance to the Department in carrying out its duties.  

The Department has established such an index and it is titled the Index of Significant Decisions. RCW 42.56.070(6) and Washington Administrative Code (WAC) 388-02-0221(1) give precedent to decisions filed in the Index of Significant Decisions. This means that a party to an administrative hearing involving the department can rely on, use, or cite a final order entered on the Index of Significant Decisions. 

The Index of Significant Decisions is available to the public at An individual can inspect or request a copy of the index by contacting the Board of Appeals .

The BOA may enter a final order into the index on its own motion. Individuals may ask the BOA to index a BOA final order as a significant decision by mailing a written request with a copy of the final order to the BOA (WAC 388-01-190(4)). Not all requests can be granted, but each request will be considered for entry into the Index by the entire BOA.

The BOA holds quarterly meetings to make additions and deletions to the Index. An applicant may check periodically to determine if a particular decision has been added to the Index. A final order nominated for inclusion to the Index should generally have substantial or significant importance to actions taken by the department that give rise to an administrative hearing. 

Requests for entry into the Index should contain a brief explanation as to why the applicant believes the submitted final order has a significant or substantial impact on the department’s program(s). The application form can be accessed by clicking here.

12-2015-LIC-00417 APS - Credibility, Regulatory changes, unreasonable confinement and improper use of restraints
11-2020-LIC-03037 APS - Sexual abuse
10-2022-PA-25760 TANF - EBT reimbursement.pdf
10-2018-PA-14126 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Overpayment
10-2018-LIC-02358 Adult Protective Services - Interlocutory authority & Collateral Estoppel
10-2015-LIC-00281 Adult Protective Services - Medical evidence not considered by Department or OAH
10-2013-A-0220 Aged, Blind, Disabled Assistance (ABDA)-related to deteriorating condition when SSI denied
10-2012-L-1666 & 1667 Adult Protective Services - Mental Abuse (2 Appellants)
08-2018-LIC-02199 Adult Protective Services - Interlocutory – no good cause for late hearing req
07-2009-L-0305 Adult Protective Services - Mental Abuse
05-2018-LIC-02044, -02045, -02046, -02047, -02048, and -02049 - Adult Protective Services - Neglect for multiple residents
05-2009-L-2089 11-2009-L-0552 0555 0556 AFH and RCCP - Neglect, Summary Suspension, Stop Placement, Revocation
04-2009-L-0087 Adult Protective Services - Mental Abuse
02-2018-LIC-01820 Adult Protective Services - Financial Exploitation by a Power of Attorney (POA)
01-2019-LIC-02491 Adult Protective Services - Financial Exploitation - DPOA
01-2018-PA-10357 Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Additional Requirements for Emergency Needs (AREN)
01-2010-L-1224 Adult Family Home License - Revocation & Stop Placement
08-2013-L-0829 Adult Family Home License - Gradation of remedies
05-2011-L-1920 Resident Client Protection Program - Financial Exploitation