Client Data

Client Counts and Service Costs

We publish aggregate, anonymous statistics about our clients. We include the unduplicated number of clients served, use rates (percent of population receiving services), and direct service expenditures for all DSHS programs. Data are added to the reports as they become available.

Use the blue  hyperlinks below to select your report. By default the report is generated for the most recent year that all data elements are available. Other years can be selected from the ‘fiscal year’ drop down box.


Statewide Data

Data for Washington State reflects statewide use of DSHS services for fiscal years available:


Total DSHS Clients

Fiscal Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

Total Clients*









* Preliminary counts of the unique individuals DSHS served each year. Includes Health Care Authority Medical Eligibility and Child Support clients who receive no other DSHS service.



County, Legislative District, City, School District Data


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