Tribal Kinship Navigator Program


DSHS Aging and Long-Term Support Administration is committed to partnering with tribes in Washington to achieve mutual goals between sovereign governments. By developing partnerships with tribes, existing Long-Term Services and Support partners and providers such as state and local government and private contractors, we believe the goal of comprehensive, culturally appropriate service delivery can be achieved.

What Tribal Navigators do:

  • Assist kinship caregivers raising their relatives' children in connecting with their tribal supports and resources and locating additional resources and supports that can benefit their families.
    • These resources can include:
      • Health Care
      • Financial
        • Non-Needy Relative, In Loco Parentis, and Legal Guardian Grant (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)
          • Cash and medical assistance for children who are in the care of a relative of specified degree or a legal guardian or custodian. Adults who act "in loco parentis" or in the place of a parent may also be eligible.
          • You can apply for services online, by phone at 877-501-2233 or at your local Community Services Office. As with all our programs, applying is the only way to know if you are eligible.
      • Food
      • Legal assistance
        • Legal Advice and Referral for Kinship Care LAARK
          • LAARK provides legal advice to kinship caregivers in Washington on matters related to the children in their care. Topics include minor guardianship, the child welfare system, education, housing and public benefits. Click HERE to begin our online intake form, or call the LAARK voicemail and leave a message at 206-267-7075. If you can, apply online.
      • Respite or short-term break from caregiving
  • Assist in establishing relationships between kinship caregivers and other tribal programs, DSHS services and other providers.
  • Assist kinship caregivers to keep children from entering foster care.

Map of Federally Recognized Washington State Tribes and Area Agencies On Aging  

List of Tribal Kinship Navigator Contact Information

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