Nursing Assistant Certified Reimbursement Program

Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC) Reimbursement is a federal requirement for all nursing facilities with a Medicaid/Medicare contract. As part of the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1987, Medicare and Medicaid regulations were amended to require the certification of nursing assistants employed by Medicare and Medicaid participating facilities. If you have any questions about Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC) training reimbursement program, please contact Jamie Franzen, Analyst & NAC Lead, at (360) 725-2438 or, or Tiffany Hills, Nursing Facility Rates Manager, at (360) 725-2472 or If you are a student or potential student and have any questions about the Nursing Assistant training program itself, please visit the Nursing Assistant program website.


Reimbursement to Nursing Facilities by the Department

At DSHS, we refer to our NATCEP reimbursement program as the Nursing Assistant Certification (NAC) reimbursement program. This program reimburses facilities for the Medicaid proportion of NA education costs incurred by the facilities. Reimbursement requests must be submitted to DSHS on the current forms, and mailed in by the appropriate quarterly due date .The NAC reimbursement program covers the following components:

  • All costs associated with the training coursework

  • Fees for textbooks or other required course materials

  • Administration fees for competency examination and re-testing examinations, if necessary, either both parts or just the written/oral or just the skills portion of the examination.

The NAC reimbursement program does NOT reimburse for licensing fees charged by the Department of Health

Per the Reimbursement Form instructions, the reimbursement packets must be postmarked and submitted thirty days after the end of each quarter. LATE PACKETS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  The deadline schedule is as follows:

Quarter 1 – April 30th

Quarter 2 – July 31st

Quarter 3 – October 31st

Quarter 4 - January 31st (following year)


New Payment Procedure

Starting with the 3rd Quarter 2018 NAC packets, reimbursements will no longer be made using paper checks. Reimbursements will now be made electronically through the ProviderOne (P1) system about 2 months after the due date for each quarter. They will be labeled “Gross Adjustment” and will be deposited in the same account you receive your Medicaid/Medicare payments in.



NAC Reimbursement Forms Updated December 2019

Reimbursement Form Instructions 

Help Sheet and Common Errors 


NAC Reimbursement Program Policy

Online Module Training Reimbursement Policy

2020 Facility Costs Totals

July 1 2020 - June 30 2021 Medicaid percentage used to calculate reimbursement


Note: The NAC reimbursement program run by the Department of Social and Health Services only reimburses nursing facilities. If you are a NAC student or potential NAC student, you must contact the nursing facilities in your area to find out about their specific reimbursement programs. All facilities with a Medicaid contract must offer reimbursement to NAC students, provided that the nursing facility is the first one the student works at within a year of completing their training and their training wasn’t paid for with a scholarship or some other form of public funding. For a current list of Washington State facilities with a Medicaid contract, see the Documents section of this webpage and look for the “2018 Medicaid percentage used to calculate reimbursement” Excel document.