Communication Facilitator

Deaf-blind people use a Communication Facilitator (CF) to make person to person (P2P) and Video Relay Service (VRS) calls. A communication facilitator provides visual information to those unable to see the video screen or receive visual American Sign Language (ASL). A CF, is a skilled signer who copies sign language from a caller, as shown on a videophone screen, and provides visual information to a deaf-blind person, through close vision or tactile sign language.

ODHH provides Communication Facilitator services through a contract with the Deaf-Blind Service Center (DBSC) in Seattle, WA. Deaf-Blind callers can use CF services at the Deaf-Blind Service Center (DBSC), Seattle Lighthouse, home, public video sites established by DBSC and select locations preferred by the Deaf-Blind person.

For more information about CF services, please follow the following link: