ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type(desc) Letter Date Subject Status Notes
AFH 015-008 04/24/2015 Continuing Education Classes That Can Be Repeated Current
AFH 022-011 03/09/2022 Updated COVID-19 Guidance from the Department of Health Current
AFH 024-019 05/10/2024 Emergency Preparedness Considerations for Extreme Heat Current
AFH 020-002 01/17/2020 Copies of Background Checks from BCCU Current
AFH 014-003 06/12/2014 Provider Tax Exemption Current
AFH 022-018 04/28/2022 Resuming Fingerprint Background Checks Current
AFH 024-010 03/21/2024 Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Recommendations for Adults Ages 65 and Older Current
AFH 020-045 09/24/2020 Influenza and Pneumococcal Reminders Current
AFH 013-004 05/15/2013 Long-Term Care Worker Training & Home Care Aide Certification Current
AFH 023-020 05/12/2023 State Civil Penalty Reinvestment Program Application Period Opens June 1 Current
AFH 015-021 08/31/2015 Flu & Pneumonia Immunization Reminder Current
AFH 022-025 06/16/2022 RCS Transition to Paperless Work During Inspections in LTC Settings Current
AFH 024-016 04/06/2024 Informal Dispute Resolution Volunteer Recruitment Current
AFH 020-052 10/23/2020 Pharmacy Partnership for LTC Program for COVID-19 Vaccination Current
AFH 020-029 06/26/2020 COVID-19 Proclamations Extended until July 1, 2020 Current
AFH 023-012 03/24/2023 Residential Care Services and Association Provider Forums Current
AFH 023-032 09/28/2023 CR-105 Filed to Repeal a Section of Chapter 388-76 WAC (Adult Family Home Minimum Licensing Requirements) Current
AFH 015-016 07/23/2015 Character, Competency & Suitability (CCS) Determination Form Superseded

Replaced by 015-022

AFH 014-004 06/17/2014 Resident/Client Protection Program & Provider Practice Coordination & Communication OPP Current
AFH 018-014 08/31/2018 CR 101 Filed: Proposed Amendments to Chapter 388-76 WAC (Background Checks) Current
AFH 020-017 04/20/2020 Department Request for Ongoing COVID-19 Status Updates Current
AFH 013-005 05/15/2013 (Pending Reissuance) Rescinded
AFH 021-053 09/24/2021 BYD DE2322 and 3M 8210 Respirators Current
AFH 021 05/19/2023 Launch of CareLearn Retention Toolkit Current