ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status(desc) Notes
ESF 020-016 04/30/2020 Minor or Simple Edits to Statements of Deficiencies Current
AFH 021-054 09/28/2021 Implementation of Vaccine Mandate Requirements and Review Current
NH 021-005 01/21/2021 Continued Incentives to Skilled Nursing Facilities that Accept Admission from Acute Care Hospitals Current

See update issued 2/9/21

NH 017-009 04/03/2017 S&C 17-22-ALL: Save the Date Emergency Management Conference Call Current
ALF 024-019 06/14/2024 Notice of Public Power Safety Shutoffs Current
NH 024-012 03/19/2024 Change in Community COVID-19 Guidance Current
NH 020-071 10/07/2020 COVID-19 Proclamations Extended Until 11:59 OM November 9, 2020 Current
ALF 014-016 10/24/2014 Use of Arbitration Agreements Current
NH 018-023 09/21/2018 Background Check Processing Delays Current
NH 016-023 08/09/2016 Exception to 24 Hour R.N. Staffing Requirement Current
AFH 022-019 05/05/2022 Emergency Rules and Proposed Rules Filed Regarding Long-Term Care Worker Training Requirements Current
AFH 021-044 08/12/2021 Order Free PPE Through the State of WA Between Now & October 31, 2021 Current
AFH 022-005 02/04/2022 CR-101s Filed to Consider Amending Chapters 388-76, 388-78A, 388-97, and 388-107 WAC to Implement SHB 1218 Current
CCRSS 021-015 03/29/2021 Updates to the Safe Start for LTC Recommendations & Requirements Current
ALF 018-008 04/16/2018 CR 103 Filed (Permanent Rules) to Chapter 388-78A WAC (Management Agreements) Current
NH 015-016 05/02/2015 The Health Home Program & Resident Access to Health Home Care Coordinators Current
NH 012-005 06/07/2012 S&C 12-30: Use of Insulin Pens Current
NH 019-023 10/11/2019 Authorized Use of the Background Check System (BCS) Current
ESF 023-001 01/10/2023 Staff Vaccinations Current
ALF 020-012 04/03/2020 Emergency Rules Suspending TB Testing Current
ESF 022-031 09/15/2022 CARE Service Summary Current
CCRSS 020-048 12/02/2020 CR 101 Filed to Propose Amending Sections of Chapter 388-101 WAC Current
AFH 023-040 11/30/2023 Rapid Response Teams for Short-Term Staffing in LTC Settings Current
ESF 020-029 08/12/2020 Safe Start Recommendations and Requirements for Long-Term Care Settings Current
NH 016-002 01/11/2016 CR 103-E (Emergency Filing) Chapter 388-97 WAC Current