ALTSA Provider/Administrator Letters

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Provider Type Letter Date Subject Status Notes
ESF 021-043 09/03/2021 Governor Proclamation on Mandatory Vaccination Current
ESF 021-042 09/03/2021 Continued Use of Eye Protection to Prevent COVID-19 Infection to Protect Yourself and the People You Serve Current
ESF 021-041 09/02/2021 Rapid Response Team 2 Short Term Staffing Current
ESF 021-040 08/26/2021 CR 101s Filed For Chapter 388-76 (AFH), 388-78A (ALF) and 388-107 (ESF) Related to ESHB 1120 Current
ESF 021-039 08/24/2021 Order Free PPE Through the State of WA Between Now & October 31, 2021 Current
ESF 021-037 07/30/2021 Emergency Rules Suspending TB Testing Current
ESF 021-036 07/16/2021 Long-Term Care Proclamations Remain in Effect Current
ESF 021-035 07/08/2021 Changes to Background Check Disqualifiers Current
ESF 021-034 07/08/2021 Updates from Washington State Department of Health Current
ESF 021-033 07/02/2021 Philips Product Recall, including CPAP, Bilevel Pap, and Mechanical Ventilators Current
ESF 021-032 07/01/2021 Safe Start for Long-Term Care Plans Updated Current
ESF 021-031 06/28/2021 Precautions for Residents and Staff Related to Heatwave Current
ESF 021-030 06/25/2021 LTC Facilities to Follow Safe Start Plans Beyond June 30, 2021 Current
ESF 021-029 06/18/2021 Passed Legislation and Beginning Rule-Making Projects Current
ESF 021-028 06/17/2021 Expiration of Eviction Moratorium Current
ESF 021-027 06/16/2021 Discontinuation of Rapid Response Team Current
ESF 021-026 05/26/2021 Source Control Regardless of Vaccination Status Current
ESF 021-025 05/06/2021 Changes to WSP RAP Sheet Current
ESF 021-025 05/14/2021 BYD DE2322 RESPIRATORS Current
ESF 021-024 05/06/2021 Medication Assistance Rules Current
ESF 021-023 05/05/2021 Visitation and Other Safe Start Plan Updates – COVID 19 Current
ESF 021-021 04/30/2021 Resuming Fingerprint Background Checks Current
ESF 021-020 04/29/2021 Sources to Access Vaccines for Residents Current
ESF 021-019 04/23/2021 Visual Aid for Understanding LTC Facility Visits Under the Safe Start Plan Current
ESF 021-019 03/29/2021 Updates to the Safe Start for LTC Recommendations & Requirements Current