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This section of this site is for family caregiver service providers and stakeholders interested in learning about the family caregiver assessment and tailored planning process offered through Washington State’s Family Caregiver Support Program offices.

Additional Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP) Resources and Reports

TCARE® Theory

The following is information from Rhonda Montgomery, PHD, researcher and developer of TCARE®.

  •  : This site provides Family Caregiver Specialists  and TCARE® Assessors and with useful information as they implement the TCARE process with family caregivers they serve.

Caregiver articles based on TCARE® theory from eXtension

  • Coping with Stress discusses different types of caregiver stress or burden, consequences of not dealing with the stress, and strategies to reduce it.
  • Caregiving is Different for Everyone discusses the uniqueness of caregiving experiences, how the caregiver journey can change you, different caregiver journey stories and how your own story can contribute to research.

Interested in other articles and links to a variety of caregiving topics?  Check out the Caregiver Resources section of our site.

TCARE® Tools

  • Personal Caregiver Survey includes instructions and a downloadable copy for caregivers to receive and complete the initial TCARE® Personal Caregiver Survey as the first step in the TCARE® process.

Outreach Materials

The following publications can be read on-line or printed copies can be ordered free through the Department of Printing.

Family Caregiver Support Program – Helping Family Caregivers in WA State  
DSHS 22-1331 (Rev 9/09)

This two-page, tri-fold brochure explains the services and resources that may be available through Washington’s Family Caregiver Support Program and introduces a new screening and assessment process being used to better tailor support and services to a family caregiver’s unique needs.  Great for conferences, mailings, trainings, or to have available in office waiting rooms, hospitals, or faith-based settings.

Downloadable Versions

Order print copies (English only)

Do You Know Someone Caring for an Adult? 
DSHS 22-1334 (Rev 9/09)

This informational postcard is designed to help spread the word to anyone you know caring for an adult that he or she is not alone and help is available.  Share with a friend/neighbor, customer/patient or other family member or order for conferences, mailings, trainings, or to have available in office waiting rooms, hospitals, or faith-based settings.

There an entire section of this site devoted to caregivers with more publications and other materials that may be of interest.  Click here to see what is available.