WSH -- Habilitative Mental Health Treatment Program (HMH)


The Habilitative Mental Health Treatment Program at Western State Hospital serves up to 30 clients with developmental/intellectual disabilities who present with specialized treatment needs that could not be adequately addressed or supported in a community setting. 

The HMH team is a multi-disciplinary team that includes medical, nursing, behavioral specialists, social workers, recreational therapists, vocational specialists, and skilled counseling staff all with specific training and experience supporting people with intellectual disabilities.

HMH Serves

Clients with intellectual disabilities and their families, staff, and community stakeholders.

Program Benefits

The Habilitative model focuses upon teaching and supporting the development of new skills and competencies that foster client growth and development. Acquisition of these skills is believed to be the foundation for living a safe and fulfilling life within the community.

Program Efforts

The HMH program provides a variety of independent learning opportunities for our clients designed to foster skill development. These include; vocational training, recreational therapy, independent living skills, behavior support planning, daily living skills, and community integration. 

Treatment and Therapy

Pre-admission screening, Individual Habilitation Planning, Behavioral Support Planning, Psychosocial assessments, Psychiatric assessments, Nursing assessments, Vocational training,  Group and individual therapy, Cross system crisis planning, Discharge planning, Recreational therapy, Special Olympics, and Community integration.


The Habilitative Mental Health treatment program works closely with local mental health agencies, Developmental Disabilities Administration, Behavioral Health Organizations,  Home and Community Services, Department of Corrections,  and court officials.

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